A person brandishing a knife is arrested near a Jewish school in Marseille

On Friday, French police arrested a rifleman who they suspected was trying to carry out a stabbing attack in Marseille.

The Al-Arabiya correspondent said the suspect was carrying a knife and wandering near a Jewish school, indicating that his motives are not yet clear.

Local authorities also confirmed that they were tightening censorship on Jewish sites in the city while investigating this person’s motives.

A police spokeswoman from Marseille told the Associated Press that school security staff noticed the man apparently brandishing a knife in front of the Jewish school in Yavneh and then tried to go into a nearby grocery store, where they arrested him.

No one is hurt

She added that the children were held at school while police searched for explosives or accomplices with the person.

The spokeswoman, who required that her identity be kept secret because she was not authorized to do so, said no one was injured in the incident.

Police drove over the suspect’s car and cordoned off the area.

For his part, one of the witnesses said it was a rapid police operation and described the area as a meeting place for the local Jewish community.

In France, bloody attacks were directed against a Jewish school in Toulouse in 2012 and against a kosher food market in Paris in 2015.

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