A personality who meets the Al-Ahly administration and looks at the conditions of the club

Al-Madina learned from his informed sources that a sports personality met with the management of the Al-Ahly Club and was briefed on the conditions of the club and on the reasons that led to the failure of the football team and most of the games, especially since Al-Madina-Ahly is one of the club most important in various games.

He also looked into the reasons why Al-Ahly got the last position in governance and received no money, noting that the management of the club has its justifications and issued a statement after announcing the governance results.

Al-Madina’s information indicates that the meeting led to positive results that will benefit the Al-Ahly entity, and its results will appear in the coming days.

On the other hand, Al-Madina sources confirmed that Al-Ahly’s administration adheres to Albanian coach Hasi, and that Majid Al-Nafi’i’s administration is fully convinced of what the coach offers, and not he has no intention of canceling his contract, and that the decision to continue with the administrative body headed by Musa Al-Mahyani is made for the administration of Al-Nafaei.

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