A Polish missile was fired from Ukraine… US officials think it is probable

In the state of alert that has swept the world, in search of the source of the missile that hit Polish territory yesterday, killing two people, a second American statement has entered to cool the international tension that has raged against Russia in the past few hours.

High-ranking US officials confirmed on Wednesday that early results indicate the missile was fired by Ukrainian forces.

To repel a Russian missile

They also added that the Ukrainians apparently intended to launch the missile to repel a Russian missile in arrival over Ukrainian airspace, but landed in Poland, according to the Associated Press.

At the same time, France called for caution and not to rush to deduce the origin of the missile, considering that determining the type of missile does not necessarily mean determining who launched it, especially as several countries have the same type!

Similarly, US President Joe Biden has made it clear in previously that preliminary information does not indicate that it was launched from Russia.

While Moscow, of course, denied targeting Ukrainian lands, considering these allegations and accusations a “provocation with the aim of escalation.”

Interestingly, Russia’s responsibility for this bombing could lead to the activation of NATO’s collective defense principle known as Article 5, according to which an attack on one coalition member is considered an attack on all, and thus can trigger the ‘initiation of consultations on a possible military response.

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