A process without significant progress. New secret talks between Russia and America in Istanbul

Amid ongoing tensions between the US and Russia over the military operation in Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said talks between Russia and the United States in Istanbul were practical, but that they had made no progress on key issues.

The Russian official indicated that his country finds the consultations useful, stressing that at the same time there are difficulties and that progress has been insignificant and secondary issues have been missed for a long time.

No major developments

As for the main issues related, for example, to the work of foreign agencies, visa cases and employee rotation, there has been no development, according to news agency “TASS”.

He also stressed that the recent negotiations are not a political signal to resume dialogue with the Americans on major issues, leaving the question open to developments that the next phase will see.

Secret talks between America and Russia

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Secret talks

The Russian official’s words came days after he confirmed that a meeting between Russia and the United States at the level of heads of relevant departments will be held in Istanbul to discuss factors of concern in the bilateral relationship, without going into further details.

The negotiations between Russia and America, which are taking place in Istanbul, are still in largely secret, although i media Russians have announced them, but the Kremlin has neither denied nor confirmed their existence.

As for the White House, he did not deny the talks, as White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre told reporters the talks focused Monday on risk reduction.

Earlier this month, i media Westerners reported that senior Russian and American officials were busy in secret contacts, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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It was reported at the time that US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan was working with Yuri Ushakov, a senior foreign policy aide to President Vladimir Putin, and Nikolai Patrushev, Sullivan’s counterpart in the Russian government.

At the end of March, Turkey hosted talks between Russia and Ukraine, during which the two sides made great progress towards reaching an agreement on pace.

Interestingly, the Russian military operation, launched on February 24, required an unprecedented security alert in Europe and has unleashed great tension in relations between Russia and America.

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