A prominent Turkish politician criticizes Erdogan’s decision to withdraw from the Istanbul Agreement

The head of the Turkish opposition party Al-Khair, Miral Aksener, confirmed that the presidential decree, with the die Turkey was withdrawn from the Istanbul Agreement, is not valid from a legal and political point of view.

“Whatever they say, everyone should know that this agreement still exists in Power is and that die announced method and decision are not valid from a legal and political point of view, “said Akchner on Wednesday in a speech in front of her parliamentary block.

On March 20, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued a presidential decree with the die Turkey’s participation in the Istanbul Convention of the Council of Europe has ended. This is a comprehensive treaty that places strict obligations on the signatory states to take all measures to end violence against women and all other forms of discrimination against women.

Akhner also criticized President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for die frequent changes in the leadership of the central bank and said in In this context: “The state is not governed by playing with institutions and corporate values. The economy is not managed by changing the head of government central bank every six months.”

“In a country, in which the head of the central bank through a middle in the night the decree was canceled, stability cannot be discussed, “she added.

On March 20, the Turkish President sacked the Central Bank Governor Naji Aghbal, and last Monday the Central Bank Deputy Governor Murat Cetin Kaya, and soon after the sacking of Aghbal, the Turkish Lira fell as the Lira lost on a day 17 Percent of their value.

The decisions of the Turkish President were exciting die Opposition dissatisfaction, especially since he sacked three central bank governors in less than two years, which had a negative impact on investor confidence in die The stability and sovereignty of financial institutions and the state intervention mechanism in their work.

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