A prominent Turkish politician from his imprisonment: My arrest is revenge from Erdogan

Saladin Demirtaş, former co-chair of the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party and opponent of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, again denied all charges against him a week later, die in fully related to “terrorism” The Turkish Court of Cassation approved a judgment against him. He is serving him in prison for 4 years and 8 months for a speech die he in 2013 on the occasion of the “Nowruz” holiday in Istanbul stopped.

In statements die Al-Arabiya.net from his prison in of the Turkish city of Edirne had singled out by his lawyer, he said: “My arrest was carried out exclusively on the orders of Erdogan personally with the aim of political revenge and all charges against Mir lack a legal basis and a specific criminal offense.”

Suppress and silence opponents

The prominent Kurdish leader commented die Endorsing the Turkish Court of Cassation for a previous verdict serving him a four-year and eight-month prison term, continued, “One of the simplest functions of political figures is to speak to people, but this matter is opposed by the government’s fascist regimes “, with reference to die Ruling coalition in Turkey, to the die Erdogan-led Justice and Development parties and die Belonging to the “Nationalist Movement” led by die-hard right-wing Devlet Bahceli.

In connection with this, he also said: “Fascism demands that anyone who speaks is imprisoned and in jail for decades.” He is currently unlikely to be released, as was the case with prominent journalist Ahmed Altan, the last Ankara month was released under pressure from the European Court of Justice. For human rights, “who repeats die demanded the immediate release of Demirtaş.

“Courts carry out Erdogan’s orders”

He also added: “I cannot predict my release. It depends entirely on political developments, but even if I stay behind bars I will continue to stand upright as we fight with determination and determination.” die Emphasize dishes. ” die Carrying out Erdogan’s orders will not order my release. “”.

He added: “The struggle of our masses will determine the day of my release, and fast die entire Turkish society is under great pressure and faces many difficulties, which is why these circumstances do not just arise die Kurds are restricted. “

“Democratic Change”

He also believed that “die upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections could be a serious opportunity to find solutions for die to find current problems. Hence it is for die Opposition very important in the country to work side by side to bring about democratic change. “

In addition, Demirtaş declared, imprisoned since November 2016 and a former candidate for die Turkish presidential elections that “die HDP continues for die Opposition unity works because die rescue in the association of society and its parties “, without die Possibility to hold early presidential and parliamentary elections before their scheduled date. Summer 2023.

Early elections

He added: “Early elections can be held at any time as we face extreme poverty and an economic crisis. With the intensification of injustice and the crisis of democracy stands die Turkey unfortunately faced a social explosion, also if i don’t i think it is possible to wait until 2023 to order die Hold elections. Probably will die Opposition to it beforehand in be able to. “Then we can agree on common principles and offer an alternative to the current authority.”

It is noteworthy that a Turkish dish in Ankara last week continued the trial of Demirtaş, which years ago after the party, die he led before his imprisonment had gained in importance to die to smash parliamentary majority, die Erdogan’s party, having won 80 seats, enjoyed parliament in the first general election. In the summer of 2015.

Demirtaş and 107 other members of his party as well as foreign delegations from Europe and America took part in the process. However, the meetings were postponed to May 18 as Ankara imposed a full shutdown following the surge in Ankara cases in the country for coronavirus.

This process was related to the protests in the city of Kobani, die Demirtaş demanded in early October 2014 when ISIS tried to in die Syrian city on the border with Turkey, also known as Ain al-Arab.

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