A protest in Beirut against the assassination of Salim and the deterioration of the living situation

Protesters blocked a main road in the Lebanese capital Beirut, on Sunday, to protest the arrest of Lebanese activists and the assassination of Luqman Salim, and condemned the deteriorating living conditions.

The Maronite Patriarch Bechara Al-Rai called for the convening of an international conference on Lebanon under the auspices of the United Nations in order to establish Lebanon in modern constitutional frameworks based on a system of neutrality and an end to the plurality of arms.

Commenting on The assassination of Salim, an activist opposed to the Hezbollah militia, The shepherd saw in the case a new impetus to put an end to every outdated weapon.

New information

The family of activist Salim announced that his funeral will take place next Thursday, to begin with a march before his burial.

Moussa Khoury, the lawyer for the Salim family, confirmed that investigations had reached new information about his murder, the conclusion of which will be known later. In statements to the Middle East, he added that Luqman was hit by six bullets, and that efforts are being made to find out the identity of those who killed him, not just the executing agency.

Khoury denied that they had any information about Luqman being tortured before his murder, until this point. As for Luqman’s phone, his lawyer confirmed that he was found three hundred meters from the house he was visiting, pointing out that it is in the hands of the competent authorities and will not be delivered before the end of the investigation, which is a normal matter for murders, especially political killings, as he put it.

Local media also revealed that the internal security forces found Luqman Slim glasses next to the phone. And the fingerprints are removed from it according to the request of the southern prosecutor.

Speaking to the Middle East, Rasha al-Amir, the sister of the victim, said that she does not want to know the truth, and is not waiting for anything from the Lebanese judiciary, which she describes as being in a coma, and she also does not want an international judiciary, especially since it is also not free in some of it from political interference. She confirms that she will not resort to an international investigation, not only because it requires certain conditions, a mechanism that passes through the House of Representatives and a budget, but because she knows well the truth of who killed him, and this suffices her.

Hours after the assassination of Salim, dozens of journalists and activists in Lebanon organized, on Saturday, a protest stand in the center of the capital, Beirut, to reject the crime, to shout out accusing the Hezbollah militia and the Iranian regime of being behind it.

Shot dead

It is noteworthy that investigations are still underway to find out the details of the killing of the Lebanese activist Salim, while his family is awaiting the results of an autopsy from a private hospital to ascertain whether he was tortured before his killing.

Salim, 58, was a researcher and human rights activist, committed to cultural and political awareness on issues of citizenship and freedoms, and a critic in his articles and TV appearances of Hezbollah, the most influential political and military force in Lebanon.