A Qatari university chosen by the Argentine national team as the basis for its residency at the 2022 World Cup

Doha – “Al Quds Al Arabi”: the University of Qatar, which occupies advanced international ranks among the best universities, has been transformed into the headquarters of the Argentine national team during the 2022 World Cup. The companions of the legend of football legend Lionel Messi have chose the prestigious Qatar University, which is the first university in the Gulf state with no other existing facilities. Qatar University has welcomed the choice of the Argentine national team’s campus for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar. The Argentine national team is in Group C, which includes Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland. The decision came after an in-depth analysis by the team, whose delegation visited the university and inspected all the facilities and stadiums ahead of the scheduled date that will host Qatar by the end of quest’year. Dr Hassan Al-Derham, president of the University of Qatar, said the university welcomes Argentina’s choice of its campus as the home of its national team, after a team delegation visited the university and viewed its sports facilities and housing units. The Qatari official stressed in a press release, of which a copy was obtained from Al-Quds Al-Arabi, which the selection of a team international such as Argentina for Qatar University indicates the good reputation of the University of Qatar in the world and its infrastructure with high international specifications. He added: “This is not surprising for this, as long as it has taken excellence as an approach and lifestyle that is moving towards a desired future that it seeks to achieve for a country that always deserves the best from us.” Qatar University has three open sports complexes that offer the opportunity to practice outdoor sports. In addition to the indoor gym for women. These facilities host various sports, including football, volleyball, handball, basketball, tennis, swimming, diving, and water polo, as well as squash, gyms, and others. Qatar University is a leading educational institution in the fields of academic excellence and scientific research in Middle East and North Africa and offers high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs that qualify graduates to help shape Qatar’s future. Advanced Rankings Qatar University made a quantum leap in the Times Higher Education rankings for emerging economies for the year 2021, ranking 26 out of 606 universities in 48 countries around the world, among emerging economies. prime 30 international universities. It is interesting to note that out of 55 Arab universities, the University of Qatar ranks third in the Arab world and second in the category of scientific research indicators that assesses the survey on reputation, research income and productivity. Qatar University continues to rank first in the category of international expectations indicators, indicating its success in attracting students and faculty from around the world, which is a key component of any university looking to make a global impact, according to the data. officers seen by Al Quds Al Arabi. A Qatari university is looking to strengthen its collaboration with the giant of the aviation industry, the American company Boeing. Recently, the College of Engineering of Qatar University and Boeing have announced the activation of the partnership between the two parties in the field of education.