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A qualitative attack by the Yemeni army in Marib . and heavy losses for die Houthis

The armed forces of the Yemeni National Army resigned on Saturday evening die Defeat of the Houthis from several ruling positions on the Kassara Front west of Ma’rib Governorate amid great human and material losses among the militias.

The Yemeni Armed Forces Media Center stated that die National Army forces launched a qualitative attack on locations where they were stationed Al Houthi militia The Iran-backed coup on the Kasara Front west of Ma’rib.

The center also cited a military source, die said, that National armed forces The Houthi militia was in several places as well in ruling departments in Al-Kasara defeated, which confirmed that many militiamen were killed or wounded while those who die had fled, leaving behind weapons and lots of various ammunition.

In addition, he stated that die Battles besides destroying three crews, die Weapons and ammunition with artillery shells carried by the armed forces also led to material losses among the militias.

Aimed at the same time die Al Houthi militia on meetings and reinforcements of the Houthi militia in various places west of Marib.

The bombing resulted in human and material loss to the Houthis, including the destruction of 5 crews and the death of everyone on board.

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