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A record of 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs last November


The pace of Americans’ resignations from work continued to rise, according to statistics as of November 2021, to record an all-time high, as 4.5 million people gave up their jobs, according to a Bureau survey. of United States Labor Statistics.

This number pushed the resignation rate to 3%, which is the highest level recorded last September.

Workers resigned from jobs in the hospitality industry, which had its highest rate of 6.1% in November, plus healthcare at a rate close to that rate. The number of people laid off in the transport, warehousing and utilities sectors also increased.

“Workers continue to quit at a historic pace, with low-wage sectors directly affected by the pandemic remaining a source of increasing resignations,” confirmed Nick Bunker, director of research at Indeed Hiring Lab. in an email to CNN.

A high turnover rate is a symptom of a flexible labor market, in which workers can quickly find a new, and possibly better, job.

The November data released on Tuesday does not take into account the effects of the coronavirus omicron variable, with the number of infections exceeding one million in the United States.

Layoffs and layoffs reached 6.3 million employees in November.

The data showed that hotels and restaurants experienced the largest increase in layoffs, also recording the largest decrease in open jobs.

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