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A refreshing drink that can help sprinters

Japanese scientists have announced that caffeine gives sprinters a significant advantage in the 100m.

Notes on medicine and science in Sports and exercise that any achievement, no matter how small, can turn an athlete from a mere athlete into a champion.

As you know, athletes strive for excellence through regular daily training, as well as through the use of aids that increase their strength and endurance before the competition. One of the aids used by athletes around the world is caffeine, which stimulates the nervous system.

Of course, millions of people, not just athletes, use caffeine in their daily lives to improve their performance at work.

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) suggests using caffeine as an energy booster for athletes and to improve their performance. But this assumption is based on the results of other sports. That is, there is no evidence that caffeine is good for sprinters.

A team of scientists from Japan studied the effect of caffeine on the performance of the 100 meters, which is considered the most exciting and famous form of athletics. To do this, they studied the case of 13 male athletes to determine the time when the concentration of caffeine in the blood of each of them reached the highest level.

The runners then ran the 100m twice, after taking caffeine and a placebo drink, without knowing it, to avoid a psychological factor influencing the results.

The results showed that athletes who consumed caffeine were 0.14 seconds faster than the rest, and for professional athletes this is a significant improvement in performance.

This result suggests that caffeine helps the runner accelerate, especially at the start of a race. In the future, this discovery may help improve the performance of athletes who consume caffeine shortly before the start of a race.

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