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A reprisal confrontation for Tunisia against Mali. Mauritania awaits a historic victory in the nations of Africa


Limbe: The Tunisian team starts its campaign in Africa Cup of Nations, in course in Cameroon, with a retaliation and a risky confrontation against the Malian counterpart, tomorrow, Wednesday, in the first round of the matches of Group F of the group stage, which also sees tomorrow in another confrontation between the teams of Mauritania and Gambia. Tunisia, which only won the title once when it hosted the tournament in its stadiums in 2004, retained its place in the African Nations final for the 15th consecutive year, reaching the record of greater number of teams present in subsequent editions of the competition. Since his absence from the 1992 African Nations Cup in Senegal, the team nicknamed “The Eagles of Carthage” was a regular guest of the tournament, but this time it seems determined to get back on the podium, despite the difficulty of the task. The Tunisian national team has been included in a group very similar to that in which was in the last edition of the competition, held in Egypt in 2019, which also included teams from Mali and Mauritania, while the fourth team was Angola, who were absent from the current edition. The Tunisian team hopes to deliver a better level and results in the group stage than the previous version, which saw a draw in all three games, so much so that his qualification for the playoffs came with great difficulty, after finishing second in Group standings with 3 points, behind Mali (leaders), despite having managed to reach the semifinals under the guidance of French coach Alain Giresse, who left the team in August 2019, to be replaced by the national team Munther Al-Kabeer , the current manager of the Carthage Eagles. The Tunisians enter the current African nations with high hopes of competing vigorously for the title, especially after the momentum the team gained before participating in the tournament, after qualifying for the finals of the African qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar questyear, which was followed by second place in the Al Arab World Cup, which was hosted by the Qatari capital, Doha, last December, which was the best preparation for the team before entering the African battle. In the third confrontation between them in the African Nations, the Tunisian team, which participates for the 20th time in the tournament, is looking forward to obtaining its first victory over Mali in the competition and to avenge the 28-year-old defeat that is still stuck in the competition. mind until now. In the opening match of the 1994 version of the tournament, the Malian team scored a high-caliber surprise, beating their Tunisian counterpart 2-0 at the Olympic Stadium in El Menzah, a defeat that played a role in Tunisia’s farewell to the competition. it was hosting in that moment, at the beginning of the group stage, in shock It was not expected by the most pessimistic Tunisian masses. The Tunisian team received good news before the important confrontation with Mali, after medical examinations conducted by Youssef Msakni, the star of the team, showed that he has recovered from the Corona virus, to prepare to move today. in Cameroon from Qatar to join his colleagues at the team’s residence. It will not be an easy task for the Tunisian team to cross the Malian team, which has also reached the final phase of the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, in as well as armed with a list made up entirely of professional players abroad. The Mali team, participating for the 12th time in the African Nations of the tournament, dreams of embracing the title for the first time in its history, especially since the tournament is taking place. in Cameroon, which saw the best result of the team nicknamed “Eagles” in the record of his participation in the competition, when he finished second in the tournament. The 1972 version. The two teams met in a friendly last June, which ended with Tunisia’s 2-0 victory, and which saw the expulsion of two Malian players. In the other meeting, Mauritania, one of the seven Arab teams participating in the current edition of the tournament, is looking for the first victory in its history in the African Nations, when it meets the Gambian team, which prepares to make its first appearance at the tournament. Despite the good performance of the Mauritanian team in its first participation in the African Nations of the last edition, it has not managed to win any comparison, only a draw in two games and one defeat in a match, reaching last place in the group standings with two points. The team, nicknamed “Al-Mourabitoun”, led by French coach Didier Gomez, who has great experience in African stadiums, is playing the game with his impressive strength, after the results of the test of the Corona virus to which all its members were subjected were negative. As for the Gambia team, they aspire to be the black horse of the tournament, especially after qualifying for the competition, having led their group in the qualifiers, which included 3 teams that in previously they had been in African nations more than once, led by the Democratic Republic of Congo, which failed to qualify for the championship that has been crowned twice, in addition to the national teams of Gabon and Angola. The Gambian team includes a group of professional players abroad, entrusted to the Belgian coach Tom Saintfeet, as well as Omar Kouley and Moussa Barrow, the Italian players of Sampdoria and Bologna respectively, and Asan Sesay, the Swiss forward of Zurich. (Dpa)


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