A research on the importance of augmented reality in editorial offices

The use of augmented reality technologies in newsrooms was the focus of one studio of research, in to which our colleague Fatima Khattab earned a doctorate, from the Department of Media Studies of the Research Institute of the League of Arab States, with honors with first honors, with a thesis entitled: Uses of augmented reality technologies in newsrooms and his reflection on the development of the news service – one studio analytical in the field.

The content of the studio it included news content presented using augmented reality technologies in the Kuwaiti daily “Al-Anbaa” and the Egyptian “Akhbar Al-Youm”, as well as the Saudi channel “Al-Arabiya” and the Emirates “Sky News”. The studio examined the relationship between AR augmented reality and virtual VR and the uses of metaverses.

The most important results of the studio they indicated that most of the issues addressed by augmented reality applications are “entertainment”, and this was confirmed by the results of in-depth interviews; With one of the employees of the “Al Arabiya” channel, one of the programs that uses augmented reality technology to present entertainment topics is the “News program. of the Hour “; Features events such as the lunar eclipse, in in particular the “Stone Hour” program, which addresses entertainment themes such as the Olympics in China, in where the viewer lives as if he were there, and volcanoes, for example, where the viewer seems to be shooting directly from the event, and this gives a double value to the subject.

Al Arabiya is the best studio virtual

Al Arabiya had designed one studio virtual reality during the coverage of the 2016 US presidential election, winning the best studio virtual at the Association’s NAB Show of Broadcasters and Broadcasting Organizations of Las Vegas, surpassing the main American channels.

The results of the statistical analysis confirmed that the news that depends on augmented reality is widely spread on the sites of social network such as “Instagram”, “Facebook”, “Twitter” and “YouTube” respectively.

The most important findings revealed that the use of augmented reality technologies is expected to shape the future of the advertising field in the near future, especially after most of the major tech companies, such as Google and Microsoft, have gone on to launch new devices that integrate this technology.

The most important recommendations came to the need to broaden the introduction of augmented reality technology as required in printing establishments, in as it saves time and effort and is characterized by a high speed of execution.

Interestingly, the discussion and judgment committee for colleague Fatima Khattab’s doctoral thesis was made up of professors Dr. Hassan Imad Makkawi as supervisor and chair, Dr. Mahmoud Alamuddin as supervisor, Dr. Muhammad Saad as debate, and Dr. Gilan Sharaf as a discussion.

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