A revolution in the world of food that could change the panorama forever. Meat is made in laboratory

Meat and restaurant markets around the world are set to experience a big change in the coming period, after British scientists succeed in growing slices of industrial meat in a medical laboratory, which is industrial meat that is completely similar to natural meat, and may soon become available for sale on the market.

According to a report published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the innovative and developed meat industry in laboratory is completely identical in terms of shape, colour, smell and taste to natural meat.

The newspaper claims that the new innovation has arrived in the hands of Newcastle University scientists, namely three typical small slices, each weighing just 5 grams, but it could be the beginning of the launch of this new industry and its transformation in a commercial form.

The report indicated that this meat could be put in sale in markets and supermarkets early next year.

According to teamonce jumped in skillet, these cuts of meat cook easily, with “fresh meat-like” flavors.

“We are very satisfied with the results of our prototype, which exceeded our expectations in terms of integrity, aroma, texture and much more,” said Chi Kunnon, CEO of DBT-3 Laboratories in which these industrial meats were developed.

“We believe our prototypes are some of the first cultured cuts of meat in the world, representing a pioneering development for the industry,” he added.

DBT-3 announced that it has produced three small steaks measuring 1.18 inches (33 mm) x 0.59 inches (15 mm).

When sliced ​​raw, the steak looks like real meat and has no “noticeable smell,” according to the researchers. But the real test it arrived when the researchers tried baking two slices.

When they were put in a hot pan, the team he found that they cooked quickly and showed little shrinkage, which is normally expected of high-quality, real meat.

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