A road map between 3 countries to transport Egyptian gas in Lebanon

Today, Wednesday, the energy ministers of Egypt, Syria and Jordan approved a roadmap for the transportation of Egyptian gas in Lebanon.

Today, the Jordanian capital hosted a four-party meeting on Wednesday that brought together energy ministers from Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt to discuss the supply of Egyptian gas to the Lebanese Republic via Jordanian territory.

On Saturday, a Lebanese ministerial delegation held a meeting with officials in Damascus on the first official high-level visit in Syria since the outbreak of the conflict, with the aim of discussing the import of gas and energy from Egypt and Jordan via Syria.

For months, Lebanon has seen a fuel shortage that is reflected in several sectors, including hospitals, ovens, communications and food, in light of an economic crisis that has been worsening for two years and which has been classified by the World Bank among the worst in the world since 1850.

Syria, in turn, is also suffering from a severe electricity crisis as a result of the conflict in course in it since 2011, exacerbated by the economic sanctions that have been imposed on it.

And last month, the Lebanese presidency announced, informing it, Washington’s approval to help Lebanon draw electricity and gas from Egypt and Jordan via Syria.

In practice, the American commitment means the Washington agreement to exempt Lebanon from the sanctions imposed on Syria, which prohibit any financial or commercial relationship with it.

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