A robot saves a child … the disease prevented him from attending school

Although ill and unable to go to school, seven-year-old Joshua Martinangeli can “virtually” attend, interact with teachers and interact with classmates.

A robot saves a child … the disease prevented him from attending school


A German student can interact with his teacher and classmates through a robot sitting in his seat and send a signal in the form of a flash when he wants to say something.

android pupil
android pupil

“Children talk and laugh with him and sometimes gossip with him in class,” said Ute Winterberg, principal of the Postplume Grandschule school in Berlin. in an interview with the Reuters news agency.

His mother, Simon Martinangeli, said Joshua was unable to go to school because he had a tube in his neck due to severe lung disease.

The robot is a private initiative funded by the local council in the Berlin district of Marzane-Hillersdorf.

“We are the only district in Berlin that has purchased four robots for its schools,” said Torsten Kuehne, a member of the district education council. “The reason was Covid-19, but I think this will be the future after the pandemic.”

“From time to time in much, for various reasons, a child is not in able to attend class on his own … then the robot can give that child a chance to remain part of the school community, “he added. He explained that he has already raised the project in political discussions at the state level.

When student Noah Koesner was asked if he was looking forward to seeing Joshua again, he replied, “I like it. in both ways because I love the robot “.

“I would rather Joshi could actually come to school,” said another student, Birtan Aslanglo.

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