A Russian battleship laid down in Port Sudan

According to local media, a Russian warship docked in the port of Port Sudan in Eastern Sudan on Saturday.

This happened two days after Moscow over freeze an agreement with Khartoum die Had refused to establish a Russian military base in the Red Sea in eastern Sudan.

Al-Sudani newspaper quoted sources as saying that “the Russian naval battleship PM-138 docked in the northern port of Port Sudan on Saturday morning.”

She pointed out that the barge was 48 hours late for entry because “its procedures were not completed,” and made a 48-hour visit today.

A senior Sudanese official said Wednesday that his country had decided to freeze a military agreement with Moscow that die Establishment of a Russian military base on the Red Sea in the east of the country, which was rejected by the Russian embassy on Thursday.

On November 16, 2020, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved die Establishment of a Russian naval base in Sudan to accommodate nuclear-powered ships.

On December 9, 2020, the Russian Official Gazette published the text of an agreement between Moscow and Khartoum on die Creation of a supply and maintenance base for die Russian Navy on the Red Sea with the aim of “peace and security in to improve the region “. according to the preamble of the agreement.

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