A Saudi share at 850 riyals. This is one of the explanations of the very high value

Alaa Al Ibrahim, head of the capital market funds sector at Alawwal Capital, felt in an interview with “Al Arabiya” that the high price and valuation of the company “Jahez”, which will begin trading in the Saudi secondary market “Nomu”, is a decision entirely to the owners to sell the company in consultation with a consultant.

He stated that the process of determining the stock price is an arithmetic process that does not affect the valuation of the stock from an investment perspective and can have a future view, do the segmentation of the share price, be available to a segment broader than investors in later, not now.

He pointed out that the share-sharing movement Commonly known for attracting investors in followingIt could be an option, or an option that could be taken in consideration in future.

He said the (order delivery) industry is modern, and there are no similar companies to compare with it, in this industry, explaining that most delivery companies are making losses internationally, but a company like “Ready” is making profits.

He described the “ready” stock as one of the companies in growth and could not be priced on assets, but expected to achieve growth rates of more than 50%.

“Tadawul” announced the listing and trading of Ready International Company shares for Information Systems Technology in Nomu – Parallel Market starting tomorrow, and the final offer price has been set in a ready-made subscription at the upper end of the price range of 850 riyals per share, to cover the offer by approximately 39 times.

The main Saudi stock index closed today, in rise of 0.26%, gaining 29.28 points, and closing at 11356.80 points, with transactions for 5.4 billion riyals.

The volume of shares traded was 134 million shares, shared by more than 280,000 transactions, in where the shares of 127 companies recorded an increase in their value, while the shares of 60 companies closed.

Shares of companies Wafra, Research and Media, Refineries, MEPCO and Tabuk Agricultural recorded the highest gains, while shares of Al-Bilad, ACIG, SABIC for agricultural nutrients, Theeb and Saudi Fransi were the lowest in trade, with increases and decreases between 9.97% and 4.20%.

While the shares of the companies Dar Al-Arkan, Al-Enmaa, Al-Jazirah, Sadr and Cisco were the most active in quantity, while the shares of Sadr, Al-Rajhi, Al-Enmaa, Wafra and Dar Al-Arkan companies were the most active in terms of value.

The Saudi Parallel Shares Index (Nomu) closed today, in fall of 252.44 points, to close at 25,777.66 points, with transactions for 109 million riyals, and the volume of shares traded reached over 590,000 shares, shared by 4526 operations.

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