A Saudi woman experiences her first shooting and arms sale at the Hunting and Falconry Exhibition

Influenced by her father who works in the military sector, Saudi Maha Al-Jumaiah participated in the armed wing for the first time; Which is hosted by the Saudi International Hunting and Falconry Exhibition in its third edition, and will be held at the headquarters of the Saudi Falcons Club in Mulham (north of Riyadh), in the period from 1 to 15 October.

Al-Jumaiah was terrified when she entered the world of firearms for the first time in her life, but her family, in particularly her father, supported her in continuing her training in shooting and in the acquisition of firearms.

And he talked about the great demand from the women of the weapons pavilion, and indicated that they prefer weapons that are light in size and easy to carry, as they expressed a desire to own weapons through the exhibit, which allowed for both genders.

As for the guns women prefer, she said they prefer shooting guns, as she confirmed that many women are talented in the shooting range.

And speaking of her participation in the show, she stated that when she received the news, she felt thrilled, as it is her first experience as a participant, and the first in her shooting career.

Maha said she had a new and unique experience, where she felt excitement during training, and after the experience she took in seriously considered the idea of ​​acquiring two weapons, and expressed a desire to participate again, in particularly at shooting competitions.

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