A “scandal” in Algeria brings down senior officials of the Ministry of Sports

Algeria: The Algerian Prime Minister, Ayman Ben Abdel Rahman, sacked two senior officials from the Ministry of Youth and Sports on Sunday, claiming “the negligence recorded in the performance of tasks and the absence of a spirit of responsibility and negligence”. The decision to end the duties included the general secretary Nassim Sbei and the general director of sport, Mohamed Jirawi. The Cabinet explained in a statement that the decision is linked to the lack of reception of the athletes after their participation in the Paralympic Games, which will end on Sunday in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, and that comes by order of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune. The same source also indicated that “the investigation continues to hold accountable any official found responsible for this incident”. An accident of transportation of athletes on a regular bus that does not take into account the privacy of determined persons from Algiers International Airport after their return to the country after the end of their participation in the Paralympic Games, has sparked a large condemnation on social media, how it has transformed in a scandal that shocked Youth and Sports Minister Abdel Razzaq Sbakk, who said in at a press conference on Sunday, he was shocked at what his eyes saw. (Dpa)

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