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A scary scene… a desert that has transformed in a torrential stream in Jordan

In a suspicious and frightening scenario, the desert road linking the Jordanian capital, Amman, and the southern governorates, has been transformed in a roaring torrent, sweeping via everything he encountered.

Despite warnings from the weather department about caution and the risk of slipping on roads in rain-prone areas, one of the buses took a risk and cut across the road, causing it to overturn and board passengers to protect themselves from the rain. drowning.

Road cut in the desert

A spokesman for the Jordanian Directorate of Public Security, Colonel Amer Al-Sartawi, said the desert road was cut off in both directions in the Zumaila area, south of Amman, to be reopened hours later due to torrential rains.

The Directorate of Public Security has invited everyone not to use the Zumaila road at the moment. And follow the instructions of the public security men lined up on the road.

And he confirmed that a report was received in the afternoon that there were people trapped by the torrents inside a bus overwhelmed by the torrents on the deserted road, where the specialized teams immediately moved to the scene and rescued the 22 people trapped inside. inside a means of transport bus, all in good conditions.

The Directorate of Public Security has renewed its call to the need to keep away from lowland areas and torrential watercourses during the state of aerial instability to which the Kingdom is exposed, in order to preserve its safety.

Security Alerts

The Directorate of Public Safety has renewed its warnings to citizens on the need to exercise extreme caution and prudence during the prevailing unstable weather conditions.

The Management underlined the need to keep away from the edges of the valleys and from the places where streams form, and to keep away from the water collection points, and not to risk blocking the road, both on foot and with vehicles, in case of high water levels, especially in the south and east of the Kingdom.

And he called for prudence and prudence when driving vehicles on roads with poor horizontal visibility due to fog or rain, and to stay away from valleys, low-lying areas and torrential waterways whose level can rise rapidly and suddenly, and do not risk approaching or crossing water collection areas by vehicle or on foot.

He also called for the safe use of heating methods of all kinds, providing time in time adequate ventilation of homes, not leaving the heaters on while sleeping, as well as collaborating with public safety men stationed on the streets to guide, guide and provide assistance when necessary, and do not hesitate to call the unified emergency telephone 911 if necessary.

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