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A scientific journal talks about the invention of a vaccine "Antiviral effect on most strains of the influenza virus"

An international scientific team has created a universal vaccine against most strains of the influenza virus.

Journal Proceedings Points of National Academy of scientists have indicated that the influenza virus has two main types, A and B, which quickly adapt to existing vaccines, which requires the development of new vaccines and drugs every year. This, in turn, requires significant financial costs and sufficient time, and is not always effective against certain strains.

Researchers have created two Covid-19 vaccines using RNA (mRNA) technology. This method involves inserting parts of the genetic code of the virus, which causes the immune system to produce antibodies that destroy the pathogen if it enters the body. To create a flu vaccine, researchers used several types of genetic code, which led to the stimulation of the production of certain proteins.

The researchers tested the vaccine on 20 previously flu-free mice, some of which were injected with two types of mRNA and others with four types, and some mice were vaccinated multiple times.

The results of the analysis showed that all mice developed antibodies at different levels. But it turned out that mice injected with four types of mRNA were more protected. The researchers also noted that certain combinations lead to the growth of killer T cells, which play an important role in fighting influenza in mice and humans.

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