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A second terrace in front of the “public” … a fateful session that could destroy it

Misfortunes seem to be piling up on the head of British Prime Minister Liz Terrace, who is facing a barrage of criticism from her Conservative party ahead of the opposition Labor Party.

However, today, Wednesday, he will enter in a fateful session, during which he could swallow the poison of the strong “opposition” that his political and economic plan is facing.

Terrace is expected to appear again today in front of the House of Commons, in a session of government accountability of great importance, as it may be his last chance to consolidate his power.

Clash with the leader of the Labor Party

It will be faced by Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer, for the first time since new Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt undermined, or even destroyed, his previous business plan by drastically reversing tax cuts.

Kiir had previously denounced Prime Minister Kwasi Kwarting’s dismissal and the multiple transformations and upheavals the government has witnessed, in what he described as “horrible chaos”.

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He also asks for his resignation

Trass may also suffer criticism from the Conservative Party, and is calling for her departure and resignation, knowing that according to party regulations, no trust can be withdrawn from her in the first year of her leadership, but much speculation points to the possibility of changing the regulations for this purpose.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the Prime Minister made relentless efforts to demonstrate her ability to hold her position, after turbulence in the country’s markets, against the backdrop of her tax cut plans, forced her to back out of her recommendations. .

‘exaggerated and hasty’

Just six weeks after he became prime minister, the cabinet met with senior ministers in the weekly cabinet session, the day after the new finance minister, Jeremy Hunt, announced the cancellation of the vast majority of previous tax reduction plans and admitted that his government had “exaggerated and hasty” in announcing his mini-budget last month.

Most want to leave

While the Conservative leader is trying to establish economic stability after weeks of market turmoil and political stalemate in the background of his plans, a recent opinion poll showed that the Conservative majority supported his departure. in changing the return of Boris Johnson, the former prime minister.

The YouGov poll of his Conservative party members showed that most respondents want him to leave.

It also proved that it is the least popular in absolute among party leaders, as 80 percent of respondents expressed their dissatisfaction with its performance!

Interestingly, the crisis began when the Terrace unveiled its previous mini-budgetbased on loans and tax cuts, which caused major turmoil in the markets.

The British pound fell to historic lows and long-term government lending rates rose.

Meanwhile, the Bank of England had to intervene to prevent the situation from escalating in a financial crisis!

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