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A secret meeting in Kabul. The director of the CIA and the second Taliban got together

Central Intelligence Agency director William Burns appears to have held a face-to-face meeting in the Afghan capital yesterday, Monday, with the second in Taliban command, Abdul Ghani Baradar, according to US officials. .

Interviews are likely in this direct meeting, the first of its kind between senior administration officials of US President Joe Biden and Taliban leaders, included the deadline for the evacuation of US forces from Afghanistan on August 31, according to the Washington Post, on Tuesday.

Intelligence refrains from commenting!

On the contrary, the CIA declined to comment on the matter.

However, Biden’s decision to send Burns, known as the most sophisticated of his diplomats, to Kabul indicates the severity of the crisis his administration is witnessing in the face of the chaotic evacuation of thousands of Americans and Afghans from the Afghan capital.

It is noteworthy that Baradar arrived in Kabul last Saturday to hold talks with movement leaders and other politicians about forming a new government. in Afghanistan, a senior Taliban leader told AFP at the time.

The news of the meeting arrives today, in one moment in which the president of the United States is subjected to various pressures from international allies to extend the deadline for the withdrawal of US forces and not to close the airlift from Kabul to transport American citizens, or Afghans who worked with foreign forces in the country at the end of this month.

From Kabul Airport (AFP)

From Kabul Airport (AFP)

Britain, France and others also pointed out in earlier the need for more time to evacuate thousands of foreigners and Afghans from the capital, which fell under the authority of the movement, 20 years after US forces entered the country.

While a spokesman for the Taliban hinted at the consequences of America’s crossing of the “red line”, referring to maintaining its forces beyond tale date (August 31).

William Burns (Reuters)

William Burns (Reuters)

Since the 15th of this month, there has been a state of complete chaos in the vicinity of Hamid Karzai airport due to the influx of large numbers of crowds, trying to flee the country that has fallen under the rule of the Taliban.

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