A senior Pyongyang official describes Biden’s comments as provocative

A senior Pyongyang official described US President Joe Biden’s condemnation of North Korea’s two-missile launch as “aggression” and “provocation,” according to North Korean news agency Central News Agency on Saturday.

“Comments like this by the US president are seen as a clear violation of our country’s right to self-defense and as a provocation for it,” said Ri Byung Chol, who oversaw the launch of the two missiles, in a statement by the agency.

On Friday, North Korea announced that it was a new “guided tactical projectile” launched into the Sea of ​​Japan on Thursday.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga believed that the two missiles fired from the east coast of North Korea were “Ballastians”, a type of missile that Pyongyang is prohibited from developing under a UN Security Council resolution.

On Thursday, Biden warned that the United States would “react to any” escalation “and described the launch of the two missiles as a” violation “of Security Council resolutions.

Rey said in his statement that the North “expresses its deep fear of the US CEO’s mistake in viewing the regular missile tests, which are an exercise of our country’s right to self-defense, as a violation of the United States.” Resolution of Nations. “

The Korean official regretted Biden’s exposure of his “hidden hostility” and expressed his belief that “the US government has clearly taken its first step wrong”.

“If the United States continues its ruthless comments without thinking about the results, it may face something not good,” he added, warning that North Korea is poised to further strengthen its military might.

Under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, Pyongyang has rapidly expanded its capabilities by testing missiles capable of reaching all of the United States.

The launch of these two missiles Thursday comes days after Pyongyang’s test of two more short-range missiles and a visit by US Secretary of State and Defense, Anthony Blinken and Lloyd Austin, to the region to discuss coalition and security issues in the region, particularly North Korea’s capabilities in the region Nuclear weapons and long-range missiles.

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