A series of small explosions rocked Myanmar . and die Protests continue

Thousands of demonstrators hosted in the early morning hours of Sunday in the cities of Myanmar rallies to more than three months after a coup that die democratic reforms and economic growth stopped and led to unrest, against die Protest military rule.

According to media reports, five people were killed when security forces returned fire in at least three places.

The Myanmar Now news page said two people in downtown Wheatlet and two others were killed in northeast Myanmar.

The Katchinews Group website reported that one person in the northern city of Habakant was killed.

The protests on Sunday were coordinated with expatriate communities around the world to celebrate what is happening die Organizers dubbed the “Myanmar Global Spring Revolution”.

“They have die World with the voice of the unity of men in Myanmar shaken, “said die Organizers in an explanation. So far there have been no reports of violence during the rallies.

These protests are just one of the problems facing the generals after they toppled an elected government led by Nobel Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi on February 1.

The United Nations estimates that die Intensity of wars with ethnic minority rebels in remote border areas to the north and east in has increased dramatically in the past three months, displacing tens of thousands of civilians.

In some areas, civilians clashed with security forces with improvised weapons, while military and government facilities, die in Central Myanmar remained safe for a long time, exposed to rocket attacks and a wave of unexplained small explosions.

The state broadcaster gave in its main news bulletin on Saturday night details at least 11 explosions in known in the last 36 hours, die most of them in the capital Yangon.

The radio reported some damage but no injuries. Nobody has die responsibility for die Bomb attacks taken over.

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