A shocking global health confidential document: China was kept secret three months ago

While the global health team that has arrived in China continues to seek the solution to the mystery of the birthplace of the emerging coronavirus, an internal confidential document from the world organization revealed that China did not provide any information in the first three months of the epidemic.

In a report published by the Guardian newspaper, Chinese officials did “little” regarding epidemiological research into the origin of the Covid 19 pandemic in Wuhan in the first eight months after the outbreak.

No documents or data

The World Health Organization’s domestic travel report summary also states that the team that met its Chinese counterparts as part of a mission to determine the origin of the virus received little information and received no written information on August 10, 2020, documents or data made available.

The report released last summer, written at a time when the global infection rate reached 20 million at the time, also confirms that WHO scientists were hampered in their early efforts to investigate the outbreak in China.

Oral information only

This document consists of two pages and is a summary of the trip of the World Health Organization Program Director and Head of Mission Peter Bin Mubarak to China between July 10 and August 3, 2020, described as the Organization’s mission to investigate Covid 19 and “. Review the work done so far in creating the virus. “

According to the travel report, the mission began with a two-week quarantine, followed by ten days of face-to-face meetings with the relevant ministries in China, including the National Health Commission, the state market regulator and the Ministry of Agriculture. the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and other agencies including the Wuhan Institute. For virology, and “after extensive discussions and presentations from their Chinese colleagues, it appears that little has been done since January 2020 regarding Wuhan’s epidemiological research.

The data provided was oral and contained some details, while no PowerPoint presentations were presented and no documents were shared.

Global Health declines to comment

A WHO spokesman declined to comment on “internal documents” and the Chinese embassy in Washington did not respond to a request for comment.

This disclosure comes after the Biden government recently issued a clear statement regarding its concerns about Chinese cooperation in investigating the disease and the need for the World Health Organization to maintain high standards and protect its credibility.

It is noteworthy that the corona virus has infected more than 111.61 million people worldwide while the total number of deaths caused by the virus has reached two million and 574 877.

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