A simple trick that allows you to see deleted messages on WhatsApp

You usually get messages from people on your phone list, via the WhatsApp application, and then they get deleted quickly. Either those messages were sent by mistake or the person who sent them backtracked from sending them to you, which leaves many of us curious and confused.

However, according to tech experts, if you think that when you delete a message in the “WhatsApp” conversation, it disappears completely, it doesn’t, because what you have sent or received remains recoverable and readable on the other side.

The WhatsApp application allows you to delete messages, either in individual and group conversations, regardless of the smartphone operating system. Users of phones with “Android”, “iOS” and “Windows” can delete the messages and many believe that they have got rid of what they have deleted in permanently.

The party receiving the message sees a sign that the sender has deleted a “Message has been deleted” message, but can use the “backup” feature to see the deleted message, of course, if necessary.

To view these deleted messages, a person just needs to go through a few simple steps, the first of which is to remove the “WhatsApp” application from the phone, then download it again and register with it.

When a user logs into the app, they can restore all conversations, including deleted messages, and then view them as if they hadn’t been deleted.

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