A small electronic game that threatens the “Playstation” throne in the world

An American company has launched a microelectronic game to bring in pocket or attached to a key ring, the smallest in the world and the first of its kind Electronics are very popular in the world.

The small piece is about the size of a postage stamp, which means it is smaller than the size of a fist It was developed by American engineers and then adopted by a specialized company in electronics The little girl received a special award thanks to her.

According to a report published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail” and viewed by “Al Arabiya.net”, the innovative piece bears the name (Thumby), and is produced by the company” Tiny Circuits “, based in Ohio in the United States.

The new minigame is a small piece with five old games pre-installed, including classic minigames like (Tetris), (Snake) and others, which were popular in the nineties of the last century.

A small electronic game that threatens the “Playstation” throne in the world
The new game

Users can also create their own games using a programming language (MicroPython) and play multiplayer games with others via an interconnect cable.

There console starts at just $ 19 on Kickstarter and is the basic gray model, with other colors and additional accessories such as cable ties available at higher prices.

Each Thumby device includes a working battery, buzzer, power buttons, power switch, display and a micro USB port to charge the console and update the software.

The screen in this game is a modern high definition (OLED) screen and there is a ring in the corner in bottom right of each mini controller which allows you to attach it to a keychain just like a keychain.

“My goal with this piece was to make the console smallest game in the world, ”said Ben Rose, chief engineer of Thumby’s manufacturing project.

“When people see a small piece they think it’s cheap, so we designed a high quality product with a powerful processor that defies its size,” he added.

He continued: “I started Themby as my personal project, but when we saw people’s reactions to the prototype, we knew we wanted to transform it. in a new product “.

This would allow “more people to put it on their keychain and enjoy playing it, or even creating their own games,” he added.

mini game
mini game

The mini handheld device recently won the “Most Innovative Product” award at the GDex conference in Columbus, Ohio, where the design was particularly appreciated, in how much it can help introduce beginners to programming in fun way.

“My thumb is really small, just about the size of a person’s thumb, hence the name,” said Ken Burns, president of TinyCircuits, who was credited with the product.

He added: “I think this is the smallest gaming device in the world and I haven’t been in able to find anything like this size from afar. ”“ We thought it would be great to have a well crafted, usable and programmable mini keychain, ”he continued.

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