A special mission .. How will the Renaissance Dam affect Egypt and Sudan?

The story of the Nile begins at the top of the Ethiopian plateau where it is in die Downstream lands are sloping and raising the banner of influencing people’s lives, but something has changed in the behavior of this great river.

Some call it the turning point in the Nile in 2011. It was then that Ethiopia decided to build the Renaissance Dam to achieve its renaissance and prosperity, and die Downstream countries Egypt and Sudan agreed on its feasibility to build the Renaissance dam on people’s lives in Egypt and Sudan?

What changes will there be in the behavior of the river? How will Egypt and Sudan deal with the Ethiopian intransigence and insistence on occupation operations without coordination with the two neighbors?

The lack of water has the peasants in Egypt and Sudan inflicted enormous financial losses. Egypt depends 97% of its water on the Nile, and it shows in the millennia, in them die Egyptians lived on its shores to get agricultural water and drinking water.

The annual per capita water quota in Egypt is only 660 cubic meters, which is less than die world’s lowest annual per capita water quota of 1,000 cubic meters per capita.

The consequences of the renaissance dam will also extend to the dam and Lake Nasser, if die the amount of water flowing to Egypt is reduced, die mainly due to water scarcity, increase in human activity and rapid population growth in Egypt suffers and Sudan would create an unprecedented water crisis in addition to the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Drink By 2025 a crisis, die die try both countries by various diplomatic and non-diplomatic means if need be.

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