A startup has in program to transform the star of YouTube and Tik Tok in directors!

A new startup aims to transform star by TikTok and YouTube in feature film directors, in what is the latest in the content platform industry online.

Creator + will introduce a new economic model with one studio vertically integrated that manages the entire film production process for creators, from financing and production to marketing and distribution. The startup recently raised $ 12 million in a round funding and plans help creators share revenue, data, and intellectual property rights.

“We believe creators can be great directors and storytellers … and we know these great creators resonate with a large and engaged audience,” Creator + co-founder and CEO Jonathan Schambrum told Yahoo Finance. in a recent interview.

The final projects will be broadcast in streaming on the Creator + platform for a small fee (similar to the ticket price of the cinema), with revenue split 50/50 between the creators and the company. The platform is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2022.

The unique model offers the opportunity for creators to own their own intellectual property rights and create a stronger and more informed relationship with their fan base.

“We treat innovators as equal partners,” said Shamprom, explaining how the company’s principles set it apart from competitors.

“It’s a different opportunity with different economies for the creators and they have to stay in the driver’s seat in creative way, “he continued, noting that other platforms have” big barriers “and usually lack audience information.

The economy of star video content online it continues to be popular, with the industry estimated to have a market value of nearly $ 200 billion.

Earlier this month, Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Facebook and Instagram will pay creators $ 1 billion through 2022, as an incentive to use their platforms. social media.

“Investing in creators isn’t new to us, but I’m excited to expand on that business over time, “wrote the Facebook CEO.

The move comes in the wake of other platforms that have also doubled investment in the creative economy. TikTok, which first launched its creative fund last July, has increased its commitment from $ 200 million to $ 2 billion to support creators in three years.

Google-owned YouTube said it paid $ 30 billion to its content partners over the past three years and launched a $ 100 million short video creation platform in May.

Spotify and Snapchat have also committed to funding creators, with questlatest which revealed that it has paid more than $ 130 million to 5,400 creators since the launch of Spotlight in November 2020.

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