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A statement that denies the sale of 43.5 million shares of the Saudi “Almarai”


Prince Sultan bin Muhammad bin Saud Al Kabeer Al Saud denied what he described as “a rumor that 43.5 million One of his actions in Almarai Company. Listed on the Saudi stock exchange “Tadawul”.

This happened according to a press release released today, Saturday, by the chairman of the board of directors of the Sultan Holding Company, Prince Nayef bin Sultan bin Muhammad bin Saud Al Kabeer, and Al Arabiya.net received a copy.

The statement stated that Prince Sultan bin Muhammad “established the Sultan Holding Company (a single-member limited liability company) registered in the business register in Riyadh under no. (1010637076) on 10/12/1441 AH with the aim of to transfer all investments in his name of all kinds – including shares and stakes in the companies – to the Sultan Holding Company, which he owns entirely “.

The statement confirmed: “The rumors circulating about the social media in incorrect way that Prince Sultan sold 43,500,000 of his shares in Almarai Company are wrong. “

The statement also denied any connection with Prince Sultan to any of the identifiers and reports that spread rumors on this matter.

The statement indicated that “the issuance of the approval of the Capital Market Authority to transfer Prince Sultan’s shares from his portfolio to the portfolio in the name of Sultan Holding Company without executing a transaction, which confirms that the news circulated is incorrect. , and that does not go beyond the rumors “.

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