A Step-by-Step Guide to Build The Character ‘Mage’ in Enshrouded

The skill tree in Enshrouded is quite versatile: you can pick skills from a variety of branches or stick to one route. There are three main groupings of classes based on the three main attributes: Intelligence, Dexterity, and Strength.

If magic is your forte, then you’re in luck. This guide will go over how to go for a mage build. Remember, there are four Mana-related classes (with the Intelligence attribute): Trickster, Wizard, Healer, and Battlemage. We will look at skill nodes for Wizard, Healer, and Battlemage, as well as armor sets and weapons that pair well.

What is Mage Build

Simply speaking, a Mage build is a character that deals with magical weapons fueled by Mana. Skills that boost Mana or alter magical power are great choices. We won’t just leave you hanging, though: next, we will look at recommended skills for a Mage.

Which Skills are Unlocked for a Mage Build

There are two main types of Mage builds that you can go for. If you play solo or prefer to deal damage more than being supported, you can go for an average DPS build. If, on the other hand, you want to be supportive of a group of friends, you can go the healing mage route.

DPS Mage

DPS Mages are built to deal with damage. This can be done on both the Wizard and Battlemage routes. The Battlemage branch is filled with nodes that primarily increase your total damage. For example, the fourth node has two smaller ones going out to each side, which increases damage and adds more wand projectiles.

Wizards have similar nodes. However, you can find more skills that increase or add elemental damage. For example, Radiant Aura will cause nearby Fell enemies to take one fire damage per intelligence per second.

Regarding DPS, you can choose either branch and combine both to make your version of a Mage. Building a Mage is simple: stick to these branches, unlock skills as you level up, and obtain skill points.

Healing Mage

You can unlock nodes along the Healer branch if you plan to be a group support character. These increase intelligence and provide healing passives, such as Water Aura. This handy skill heals all allies within 15 meters by one HP per every two points of intelligence.

If you’re playing with others, plan out which Mage you should be, especially if more than one person is a mage. You want to avoid ending up with a party of DPS Mages with little to no healing abilities!

Can You Reset The Skill Tree

The skill tree can be reset from your Flame Altar. This will take some Runes, so it’s pretty simple if you decide to change your build around. Additionally, change your build as you progress in the game.

You can do just that if you unlock HP-boosting skills early in the game but want to pivot to increased magical damage and more stamina.

Armor Set for Mage Build

Armor sets for Mages can be crafted with the Alchemist. At first, you will only be able to prepare the Alchemist Apprentice Set. Still, by completing Alchemist quests and obtaining new items, you can increase the number of armor sets available.

Armor is linear: as you unlock new sets, they get better. When you open a new armor set, check it out and compare it to your current set. The stats are better.

Weapons for Mage Build

Lastly, review the weapons you want to use in your Mage build. There are two main types of magical weapons: wands and staffs. Wands fire magical energy that deals damage and does not require any ammo or Mana.

On the other hand, staff require Mana and staff charges, which are magical spell ammo. Spell charges have their damage, but a strong staff can significantly boost this. The weapon you use extensively depends on what you find in the world and what is available to craft.

Since the Kindlewastes biome is the ‘final’ biome that you can visit, the weapons found here tend to be the best. This includes weapons like the Elder Staff and Blackened Staff. You can still find powerful weapons in the other biomes, but they may not have power.

Weapons can also be crafted: visit the Alchemist occasionally to see the best staff or wand you can prepare.

What Staff Charges are Use

There are a lot of staff charges available, and overall, most are pretty good. If you are more of a healing Mage, you can also use Heal Channel, Chain Heal, Eternal Chain Heal, and Eternal Heal Channel to heal allies (and yourself).

Overall, though, every staff charge can come in handy. Once you progress far enough, you can also wield the Shroud Meteor staff charge. This potent spell leaves an AoE of damage, dealing Shroud damage and consuming a portion of your Shroud timer. As such, you should refrain from using this spell when running low on time.

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