A strange move . The images show Moscow’s deployment of trained dolphins in the Black Sea

After the cruiser Moskva lost her fleet jewel two weeks ago, satellite images showed that Russia had placed trained dolphins at the entrance to a major Black Sea port to help protect a large naval base.

The images taken by Maxer Technology showed the presence of dolphins at the entrance to the port of Sevastopol in Crimea, which was annexed by Russian forces from Ukraine in 2014, according to the US newspaper “Washington Post”.

America before her

HI Sutton, a submarine analyst at the US Naval Institute, explained that the dolphins could be used to deal with specialized Ukrainian divers trying to enter the harbor to sabotage Russian warships.

He noted that the United States and Russia had previously trained marine mammals for this role.

The satellite company Maxer, who took the photos, agrees with tale analyses.

Since the days of the Soviet

Interestingly, since the 1960s the United States Navy has been training dolphins and sea lions to help protect against underwater threats, because it has the most advanced sonar equipment the world has ever known, making it relatively easy to detect mines and others. .

According to the report, Russia used the Sevastopol base during the Soviet era to train dolphins for military purposes such as planting explosives on ships or looking for mines.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Ukraine used the Sevastopol facility to train dolphins in therapy sessions, but Moscow resumed military marine mammal training after seizing the port city in 2014.

Russian jewel

Interestingly, the 600-foot-long Russian cruiser “Moskva” or what is known as the “jewel of the Russian fleet”, which can carry 16 long-range cruise missiles, was ignited a few days ago, which resulted in to the explosion of ammunition on board, and then drowned, According to the Russian version.

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While Kiev claimed to have targeted it with the Neptune missile, an anti-ship missile that the Ukrainian military started developing in 2013, based on an old Soviet KH-35 project, also co-produced by Ukraine.

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