A strange request from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs al team support on Twitter: We are not Nigeria!

Tarif’s request was requested by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Twitter Support Department, through its official account on the microblogging site.

“Dear @TwitterSupport, As much as we value our bilateral relations and alphabetical rapprochement with Nigeria, we would appreciate it if we could be identified as Norway,” the Norwegian Foreign Ministry tweeted, alongside a smiling emoji.

In English, the letters Norway are completely different from the letters Nigeria, agreeing only in the first letter “N”.

And in the official documented account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, it was identified as a government organization belonging to the state of Nigeria. The names of the prime minister and foreign minister were also misidentified.

While the giant gods social media ‘Twitter’ has undergone major transformations since its purchase by controversial American businessman Elon Musk, the platform recently announced the dissolution of its ‘Trust and Safety Council’.

In an email sent Monday evening to board members obtained by media US, Twitter announced the new decision.

Critics saw the move as another example of Musk walking away from efforts designed to make the site social networking a more civilized and safer place, according to the Washington Post.

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