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A sudden development in the Beirut explosion … The identity of the “Nitrate Company” has been revealed.

A new judicial development has emerged in the file of the explosion of the port of Beirut, which caused the death of over 200 people and the injuries of thousands in August 2020, through the announcement by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Order of Beirut Lawyers in about that tragedy that the High Court of Justice in London will force the company “Savaro” to reveal the identity of Who is behind UBO?

The office indicated that in On 16 June 2022 an important preparatory decision was issued by the British Court of Justice in the lawsuit brought by the union against the company “Savaro Ltd”, which brought a cargo of ammonium nitrate capital on board the ship into the Lebanese port in 2013 “Rhosus”.

A fundamental decision

In this context, former head of the Bar Association and current MP Melhem Khalaf told Al Arabiya.net that “the decision of the British court is fundamental and detailed, and requires the disclosure of the real name of the owner of the company responsible for the ammonium nitrate shipment that arrived at the port in 2013.”

He also revealed a session to be held in London next October to follow up on the case and which will be attended by representatives of the Order’s Prosecutor’s Office, underlining: “The goal is to discover the truth, especially who is hiding behind Savaro”.

Addressing the liquidation decision

In January 2021, the Prosecutor’s Office responded to an attempt to liquidate this company in the London Trade Register and corresponded with the Commercial Register and two UK representatives, Margaret Hodge and John Mann, after it was found that the company’s file in the The Commercial Register did not include the identity of the owner of the company’s economic right, which constitutes a serious violation of the law and holds the necessary information.

On 2 August 2021 the Public Prosecutor’s Office, represented by the former Captain Melhem Khalaf, from professor Nasri Diab and from professor Shukri Al-Haddad, filed a lawsuit against the company “Savaro”, through the studio international lawyer “Dechert LLP” represented by the lawyer Kamil Abu Suleiman, who all work voluntarily in this humanitarian question, putting all their energies at the disposal of the victims and of the dossier “.

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business network

In context, Khalaf explained, “SVARO is registered in more than one country, including London and the Virgin Islands, which means there is an integrated network of companies that “cover up” the identity of the true owner of the company. “

He also confirmed that he will follow up on the matter in Parliament, stressing that it is a fundamental concern for him, saying: “We will not stop until justice is achieved”.

British breach of port investigations

Regarding the evaluation of civil society in Lebanon of this passage, the head of the JUSTICIA Foundation for human rights, Dr. Paul Morcos, told Al Arabiya.net that “the continuation of the Bar Association and of team of lawyers in this case keeps hope alive in the light of other attempts to obstruct the judicial process, erase the truth and obstruct justice ”. And if Justicia’s spokesman refused to enter the court file, he felt that “the British decision would create a breach and open a useful gap that would expose the complex and complex structure of the dark wall surrounding the current owner of the Savaru company, and then prepare important results for the compensation case, noting that the aforementioned company, initially in charge of the extraction of nitrates in exemption from customs duties, he tried behind it to hide his property at times and make it a dormant company at other times. Also, he tried to liquidate him, which was addressed.

Furthermore, Morcos hoped, “that this result would be undone, this time to the level of breaking the captivity of the Lebanese investigation.”

Interestingly, the investigation into this horrific explosion had entered the tunnel of disruption more than six months ago due to requests for a response made by current and former ministers and representatives against the judicial investigator, Judge Tariq Al-Bitar, accusing him of politicization after he issued arrest warrants against them following the data and prove at your disposal on their involvement.

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