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A teacher accused of beating a girl to death inside a school in Egypt

The death of a girl under the age of 11 unleashed a wave of anger and resentment among the pioneers of the websites social networking in Egypt, following reports that she had suffered a heart attack after being punished by her teacher.

And Assiut governorate witnessed the death of a fifth grader at Assiut Abdullah Al-Nadim Joint Primary School, West Assiut neighborhood inside the school during the school day, according to the site web “Cairo 24”.

The girl’s father, Rinad, who died inside the school, accused one of the teachers of having caused his death, due to his constant beatings, explaining that he had written an official report accusing the teacher of having caused the death of his daughter. .

She said her daughter was beaten by an Arabic language teacher a day before her death, which resulted in her hand injury, indicating that her mother took a picture of her hand injury and posted it on the official Facebook page of the school, to inform the administration.

She confirmed that her daughter had a psychological condition the next day and asked her not to go to school for fear of the teacher’s punishment, emphasizing that he reassured her that the teacher would not hurt her, and she asked to go to her school and got her phone number from the teacher to contact her in case of problems.

He added that he was surprised by the visit of his teachers who informed him of the need to go to school to check up on his daughter because she had a health problem, indicating that as soon as he went to school he found his daughter’s lifeless body with traces of saliva coming out of her mouth in addition to involuntary urination on herself. The victim’s father explained that the investigative authorities had decided to jail the teacher for 4 days accused of assaulting her daughter with severe beatings to death in pending the investigation, as well as investigating the school principal in about the accident.

The Public Prosecution consulted the relevant director of the Child Welfare Department, who decided that, upon examining the case and discussing with the parents of the children, he concluded that the defendant physically harmed the school children instead of counseling them , and ended up initially applying to the relevant Directorate of Education to take the necessary administrative measures to remove the danger and provide the necessary psychological support to the children. During the interrogation of the prosecutor, the defendant denied hitting the victim, stating that he was surprised by her loss of consciousness, so the school staff tried to wake her up, and for her lack of response they took her in hospital.


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