A technical problem on “Instagram” at the beginning of the year .. and these are some solutions

On Monday and Tuesday, many Instagram users weren’t in able to see who had seen their “stories” posted on the app.

A user who posts a “story” that is a simple image, a short video, or even a survey and question, may know in who was previously in able to watch the story without even the viewers interacting with it.

However, this feature was discontinued at the beginning of the new year due to a bug affecting the application. And HITC Solutions and Technology News has provided several suggestions for restoring broken functionality in applications.

One such tip is to completely close the application and reopen it.

In fact, some users claimed that exiting the application and then logging in solved the Instagram problem.

One of the solutions is also to turn off the phone, as sometimes all you have to do is turn off the phone and turn it back on.

Another solution is to delete the app and then download it again. But, if none of these things work, close the app and wait a few hours before trying to use it again, maybe by then the bug will be fixed.

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