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A “thorough” investigation into the “Twitter” deal and Elon Musk could delay it for months


Informed sources told Bloomberg that the US Federal Trade Commission will investigate the measure in which Tesla CEO Elon Musk violated antitrust law in the upcoming Twitter acquisition.

The Federal Reserve will decide next month whether to conduct a thorough investigation, which will delay closing the deal by months.

Interestingly, the committee is actually investigating the extent to which Musk is complying with the requirements to comply with antitrust law when he acquired a 9% stake. in Twitter early last April.

An informed source told Reuters Thursday that Musk is expected to become the interim CEO of Twitter, after completing the company’s $ 44 billion acquisition of. social mediawith the billionaire close to securing the necessary funding for the deal.

Tesla shares fell 8% on Thursday as investors feared that Musk’s involvement in running Twitter might distract him from the producer’s management. auto most valuable electric in the world.

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