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A touching speech by the Myanmar Ambassador to the United Nations . “We will continue the fight.”

Myanmar’s ambassador to the United Nations firmly opposed the military coup in his country, louder in a touching speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Friday, which was met on Friday, calling for “the best possible action by the international community” to restore democracy immediately Applause from many diplomats of the world organization that it includes 193 countries.

Ambassador Kyaw Mo Tun began his statement by saying that last November he represented “the civilly-elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi” and supported their struggle to end military rule.

He urged all countries to issue public statements strongly condemning the February 1 coup and refused to recognize the military regime and the demand of its leaders to respect the November 2020 free and fair elections, that of Sukis National League for Democracy won party. He also called for stronger international action to stop violence by the security forces against peaceful demonstrators.

He appealed to the international organization “to use all means necessary to take action against the Myanmar army and provide protection and security to the people of Myanmar,” adding: “We need another possible stronger action from the international community to address the End the coup immediately, stop the repression of the innocent people, restore the people’s state power and restore democracy. “

“It is time for the army to give up power immediately and release the prisoners,” said Ton, agreeing with United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres that the military coup “is unacceptable in this modern world and must end”.

He promised: “We will continue to fight for the people’s government, which is elected by the people and for the people.”

The ambassador’s voice choked as he finished his statement by addressing his country’s citizens in Burmese and raising them with three fingers, a gesture accepted by the anti-coup movement.

Ton’s surprising statement met with applause and praise from speaker to speaker at the General Assembly, which included Ambassadors from the European Union and the Organization for Islamic Cooperation and the new US Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield.

Greenfield, along with others, described the speech as “brave”, “strong” and “brave”.

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