A “traditional” Corona vaccine from a French company has shown promising results

The experimental coronavirus vaccine, manufactured by the French company Valneva SE, produced better immunity than the obtained AstraZeneca vaccine dose in one studio clinician who will pave the way for regulatory documents and the company’s shares have risen to 42%.

Valneva stated today in a statement on Monday that patients who received two doses of his vaccine had more antibodies and fewer side effects than those who received the AstraZeneca dose in one studio British on about 4,000 adults.

The company confirmed that both groups had the same number of Covid-19 cases, while no patients developed severe symptoms.

The French drug manufacturer said on Monday that it is preparing to start the process of obtaining rapid approval from the European Medicines Agency.

In the UK, the company has already initiated the application and it is in process of validating their data as required by the regulator before submitting the latest trial results.

The Valneva vaccine works by taking a sample of the virus that was killed and using it to stimulate an immune response without causing an infection.

Adam Fane, principal investigator for clinical trials, said: “This is a much more traditional approach to vaccine manufacturing than vaccines produced in the UK so far. in Europe and in North America, and these results indicate that this vaccine candidate is on track to play an important “. Important role in overcoming the disease. Epidemic.”

The company hasn’t released many details on the studio which tried to show that the Valneva vaccine produced more neutralizing antibodies against the virus than the AstraZeneca vaccine two weeks after receiving the second dose. The two doses were administered four weeks apart.

The researchers also found that patients reported fewer side effects at the injection site and on a larger scale.

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