A treasure of information . the first confirmation of “the leader of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is detained”

For the first time, a United Nations report discussed in the Security Council confirmed the arrest of the leader of “Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula”, Khaled Batarfi, in Yemen several months ago.

While his deputy, Saad Atef Al-Awlaki, was killed during “a security operation in the city of Al-Ghaydah in the Yemeni province of Al-Mahra last October last year.”

However, the United Nations did not provide further details about that arrest, nor did Batarfi currently reveal the whereabouts of Batarfi.

Batarfi considers it a treasure trove of information for counterterrorism agencies in America and the world, due to the information and details it stores on the organization.

Splits and challenges

However, the UN report gave an idea about the state of the terrorist organization, pointing out that al-Qaeda, in addition to its losses at the level of leaders, is suffering from splits in its ranks in the Arabian Peninsula, especially after the major strikes and defeats it suffered in the Al-Bayda governorate in Yemen.

He also explained that the global Al-Qaeda network “is facing a new and urgent challenge as well with regard to its leadership and strategic direction, after an exceptional period of exhaustion of its top leaders” in Afghanistan, Mali, Somalia, Yemen and the Syrian province of Idlib.

It is noteworthy that in February of last year, the extremist organization announced the killing of its leader, “Qassem Al-Rimi” in an American drone raid in Yemen in late January, and named “Batarfi” as his successor.

Al-Qaeda’s statement at the time indicated that the choice of “Batarfi” was not unanimous, saying “the opinion of the largest possible number was taken from the group’s consultations and its elders” in choosing the new leader, due to what he described as “the intensification of the Crusader war against the group, the pursuit of enemy aircraft of the mujahideen and the collapse of the enemies from All around. “

From Afghanistan to Yemen

The website “SITE”, which is concerned with following up on extremist organizations, had previously indicated the possibility of arresting the extremist leader in early October by the Yemeni forces in Al-Mahra governorate.

Batarfi comes from a Yemeni family, who trained with Al Qaeda in Afghanistan before 9/11, and later joined the Al Qaeda branch in Yemen.

Later, he became one of the main theorists of al-Qaeda, and according to the United Nations, he helped oversee its foreign operations before becoming its leader in Yemen in early 2020.