A tremor in the currency market .. Bitcoin drops below 54 thousand dollars

News of the emergence of a new Corona virus strain that may be resistant to currently available vaccines prompted investors to rush to safe havens on Friday. in currencies such as the Japanese yen and the Swiss franc, while traders also took profits after a US dollar rally.

Gains in the yen and franc came at the expense of the Australian dollar and Norwegian krone, two currencies sensitive to growth influences, although trading volumes after Thursday’s Thanksgiving holiday made the market more volatile.

A senior administration official of President Joe Biden said the United States will impose travel restrictions from South Africa, where the new Corona strain was discovered, and from neighboring countries, starting Monday.

and classified The World Health Organization on Friday called the new strain “alarming” and called it Omicron.

Little is known about the new Covid-19 strain that has been detected so far in South Africa, Botswana and Hong Kong.

But scientists believe it has an unusual assortment of mutations that could make it in able to evade an immune response and be more susceptible to infections.

The Japanese yen was a major gain, as it jumped from this week’s five-year lows against the dollar, climbing about two percent to 113.09, marking its best. performance daily from March 2020.

The euro rose 0.97% to $ 1.1312, but fell to its lowest level in more than 6 years against the Swiss franc, registering 1.0428 francs per euro.

The dollar index fell 0.75% to 96.030, after hitting a 16-month high on Wednesday at 96.938.

The British pound briefly fell to a new low questyear below $ 1.3278 as anxiety prompted some investors to cut back on a December rate hike.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency fell to $ 53,524, the lowest level since October 10.

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