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A tribute to the builder of the largest wooden ship in the world

DB World, in the Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates honored Majid Obaid Al Falasi for his efforts in building the largest traditional Arab ship in wood of the world.

The length of the slave ship is 92 meters, and the height exceeds 11 meters. The ship was hand built by the Majid Obaid bin Majid Al Falasi family, a Dubai-based ship and boat manufacturer, using 1,700 tons of African teak wood reinforced with 800 tons of steel, making it larger and stronger than traditional ships in Wood with four times the tonnage capacity. . Thanks to its two engines equipped with 1,850 horsepower, the ship is in capable of sailing at speeds of up to 14 knots, and the ship carries out import and export operations through Dubai Creek, Deira Harbor and Hamriyah Port.

Majid Al Falasi said: “Since 1970, my father had a vision to build the largest traditional wooden ship in the world. At the time we were aware that realizing this vision was not going to be an easy task, in fact it took three and a half years to build this ship, to achieve what we have achieved today. This wooden ship will link trade between the UAE and several countries, including Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Egypt, as well as Kenya, Pakistan and India, enhancing the capabilities of the UAE’s trading sector. We are proud of this honor, which is a testament to the amount of hard work and great efforts we have put in. Our partnership with DB World will also help revive the trade in goods transported by traditional ships in Wood and take it to new levels “.

Hisham Abdullah, Executive Director of the General Department of Freight and Vehicle Transportation at dbworld UAE, said: dbworld has played a pivotal role in the freight process since the founding of the United Arab Emirates. The ships in Wood are the perfect choice for transporting goods to and from neighboring areas, enabling us to reach consumers in major wholesale markets. Abeid’s Ark’s achievement in gaining this international recognition is an inspiration to us all and encourages us to think of higher ranks and reach further and more distinct horizons. We believe this wooden ship will help stimulate the movement of trade in non-containerized goods and encourage local traders to access key markets in the UAE, the Gulf countries and the region as a whole. “

DB World has always been a pioneer in enabling the advancement of the ship trading industry in Wood in the region. In 2020, DB World, through the launch of its digital marketplace “Now”, was able for the first time to fully digitize the traditional ship trading process in Wood. The smart app connects ship owners in Wood with merchants, allowing them to search, negotiate and reserve merchandise available for shipment. The application also uses artificial intelligence techniques to help wooden ship captains plan their voyages and improve the space efficiency of their ships, enabling them to generate more revenue.


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