A Tunisian minister reveals details of Ben Ali’s last days of rule

The Minister and former Director of the Presidential Office in Tunisia, Dr. Ahmed Ayyad Al-Waderni, in an interview with the “Political Memory” program on Al Arabiya, describes the last days of the government of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, before he finally left the country for Saudi Arabia.

In the last meeting with the then Tunisian Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi, Ben Ali asked to activate the state of emergency and to work to form a new government.

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In President Ben Ali’s last phone call to the director of Al-Wardani’s presidential office, he told him: I am going to the airport to greet my direct family. in Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah, and I’ll call you in the evening.

Furthermore, Al-Wardani was surprised by the news that Ben Ali had left the country with his family, but in He was later informed by a mutual friend that he had not left Tunisia alone.

In the episode, Ahmed Ayyad Al-Wadryni also discusses the first few days following Ben Ali’s exit from the country and the cause brought against him, in to which no final court rulings have been issued so far.

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