A Turkish delegation is traveling to Cairo for the first time since 2013

The Turkish media today, Monday, confirmed that a Turkish diplomatic delegation in die traveled to the Egyptian capital, Cairo, to hold talks with Egyptian officials on the first visit by Turkish officials since the split between the two countries in 2013.

Haber Turk and die Cumhuriyet newspaper said that die Turkish delegation is headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Onal, since Unal and his accompanying delegation are holding talks die Restoration of relations between the two countries with an Egyptian delegation led by the Deputy Foreign Minister should lead.

On Monday, Reuters quoted Turkish President Ibrahim Kalin’s adviser as confirmation that a Turkish delegation would visit Cairo next week, pointing out that die Talks between the two countries could lead to renewed cooperation and help in efforts to end the war in Libya.

Kalin, a spokesman for the Turkish Presidency and advisor to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, added that there are contacts between the two countries’ foreign ministers and that a Turkish diplomatic mission will visit Egypt in early May.

He continued: Given the facts on the ground, I think it is in the interests of both countries and the region to die Normalize relations with Egypt.

He pointed out that die Approaching Egypt certainly die Security situation in Libya would improve, adding “We are fully aware that Egypt has long borders with Libya and this can sometimes pose a security threat.”

Justice and Development Party spokesman Omar Celik said Monday in a press conference that “a team has been formed to talk about issues between us and Egypt. Our talks will be for a political dialogue between the two countries and for the sake of the Mediterranean issue we are trying to find new mechanisms to get over.” die Subjects to speak: “Between us and Egypt.”

On the other hand, and in connection with the improvement of relations between Ankara and the Arab countries, local media reported that the Turkish ambassador in United Arab Emirates, Togay Tuncer, took over his duties on May 1, with the most recent start of contact with Turkey die UAE in a new step to improve relations between the two countries.

The Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu telephoned his counterpart on April 22nd in the Emirates, Abdullah bin Zayed, to exchange messages of congratulations on the blessed month of Ramadan, according to the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

According to observers, the call was made as part of a mutual effort to die Normalize relations between the two countries, after several differences, in particular Ankara’s support for die Brotherhood and die Turkish role in Libya.

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