A Turkish preacher has been sentenced to 8 and a half centuries in prison… and a lawyer explains the execution mechanism

The controversial Turkish publisher and preacher Adnan Oktar, also known as Harun Yahya, became the subject of the media local and international Turks, after he was handed down a prison sentence, the longest in Turkey and in the world, the background of many different allegations, including formation and leadership of a criminal organization, sexual assault and limitation of personal freedoms, commission of crimes of kidnapping, torture, deprivation of the right to education and archiving of personal data which he did not have the right to access or keep.

The 30th Supreme Criminal Court in Istanbul ruled that Oktar was jailed for a term of 891 years for committing six crimes, including forming a criminal gang, sexual assault, storing personal data he had no right to keep, preventing members of his gang from the right to education and deprivation of personal liberty, as well as dozens of other crimes, to arrive at the number of years of his prison sentence: 8658 years, which is the longest prison sentence in Turkey and in the world.

A Turkish lawyer confirmed that “this sentence, which provides for imprisonment for a period exceeding eight and a half centuries, is comparable to life imprisonment”. network of 215 people, of whom 72 behind bars. The Criminal Court has opened the way for 30. Yesterday the Supreme Court ordered the release of 68 defendants, following their acquittal.

Turkish lawyer Anas Cabaday said: “Oktar and the other defendants will go through life in prison, given that the sentences issued against them require a very long prison term”, adding that “their sentences are no different from life imprisonment”.

He told Al-Arabiya.net: “Issuing a sentence of imprisonment for thousands of years is in in reality a life sentence, given that the defendant cannot stay in prison for that period, and thus he will spend his whole life behind bars.”

The Turkish lawyer also ruled out the possibility that Oktar and the other defendants would benefit from the amnesty measures issued by the Turkish authorities.

In this regard, he said, “The issuance of any general amnesty may mean dropping the conviction of several charges against the prisoners, but Oktar and the other defendants face dozens of sentences, which means that any amnesty issued will not lead to their release due to the multiplicity of the sentences they address.”

The 30th Supreme Criminal Court in Istanbul had upheld an 891-year prison sentence against Oktar on Wednesday, bringing the total years of prison time to 8,658 years, with the sentences previously handed down by Turkish courts against him last year together to other defendants belonging to the gang he formed, but Oktar calls the gang a “cult” and denies the charges against him.

The 66-year-old Oktar, also accused of exploiting religious beliefs, fraud, counterfeiting and violating anti-smuggling and terrorism laws, gained notoriety years ago after hosting a religious television program that sparked widespread controversy in Turkey and finally led to his arrest in 2018, and then another conviction was handed down which served him 1,000 and 75 years prison sentence in the past 2021 for committing sexual offenses against women who worked with him.

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