A Turkish state in heads to “bankruptcy resolutions” … despite his support for Erdogan’s party

A Turkish state, which is the birthplace of former Turkish president Abdullah Gul, who is one of the most important founding figures of the ruling party “Justice and Development” led by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, at the top of the list of cities in whose businesses are on the verge of bankruptcy, according to the president of the state municipality located in the center of the country.

Umit Ozar, mayor of Kayseri, who belongs to the People’s Republican Party, which is the main opposition party in Turkey, revealed that “this city, of which I am the head, ranks first among the 81 provinces in which most entrepreneurs are on the verge of bankruptcy ».

Commenting on this, Kemal Ozkiraz, director of the Eurasia Center for Research and Opinion Polls, stated that “Kayseri is characterized by a particular situation, in what the largest structures in the country have, and therefore when the big producer collapses, even the small industries collapse. “

He added to “Al Arabiya.net”:” Despite Kayseri’s specificity, but it must be acknowledged that there is a general problem in Turkish industries, as producers have been hit hard by rising minimum wages and high unemployment prices, as well as inflation, and for this the companies have stored the goods instead of selling them, while some of them have stopped working “, due to the bankruptcy.

A Turkish state in heads to “bankruptcy resolutions” … despite his support for Erdogan’s party
From one of the “expressive” Turkish markets

In filing the bankruptcy of most entrepreneurs in the state known for its loyalty to the ruling Justice and Development Party, the mayor of Kayseri relied on the acts of the Kayseri commercial courts. their debts.

A source in the municipality told Al-Arabiya.net that “the city that is in top of the list of bankruptcy agreements in Turkey is that in where the number of applicants for financial bankruptcy agreements with commercial courts exceeds 1,000 people, and so Kayseri recently topped this list. “”.

According to the previous source, “the most important reason for this failure is the decline of the Turkish lira against foreign currencies over the past year and in particularly in December, as some traders have disposed of large quantities of lire after having converted them in foreign currencies when a dollar crossed the threshold of 18 Turkish lira, but then they had to exchange those dollars for 11 or 12 pounds per dollar, which means that they have lost about 40% of the value of the money they had ”.

Ozar confirmed that the number of those who filed for bankruptcy liquidation has already exceeded 1,000 in Kayseri, adding during his assessment last 2021 that “one in two people who own businesses in the state, have applied for a transaction. bankruptcy. “

According to the mayor, about half of the entrepreneurs in Kayseri, one of the most important cities that vote for the ruling party in the elections, have asked for a bankruptcy liquidation.

The number of government aid recipients increased 155.70 percent in Kayseri, according to the mayor of Kayseri, who indicated in statements disseminated by media Turks that “the number of poor families has also increased” in the same province.

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