A UN delegation in eastern Sudan. The bread crisis continues and the port of Port Sudan is closed

On Wednesday a delegation from the United Nations Mission in support of the transition phase in Sudan arrived in Port Sudan to meet the leaders of the Supreme Council of Beja and independent columns in eastern Sudan and discuss possible solutions to the crisis of the closure of ports and main roads 27 days ago.

Beja Opticals Supreme Council Rapporteur Abdullah Obshar expressed his regret over the shortage of flour and bread in some states of the country due to the closure of the port, and apologized to the citizens, emphasizing compliance with their requests to cancel the eastern route in the agreement of pace by Juba.

In the capital, Khartoum, a bread crisis clearly emerged on Tuesday and citizens lined up in front of some bakeries, in light of the closure of a large number of bakeries due to the exhaustion of the quantities of flour. Bread prices have also risen in meaningfully.

The Bakeries division confirmed that more than 2,000 bakeries had stopped in the capital, Khartoum. The head of the division, Ismail Abdullah, revealed that the quantities of flour received by the bakeries in the last two days did not exceed 10,000 bags per day. in one moment in whose daily requirement is 55,000 bags, indicating a tragic situation for bakery owners following termination in light of their financial obligations and burdens.

For its part, the National Chamber of Exporters announced heavy export losses of $ 65 million due to port closures, as well as other losses of over $ 30 million. in terms of imports.

The House Secretary General, Muhammad Suleiman, revealed to Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath that more than 3,000 means of transport have stopped operating due to the closure of the port.

He explained that exporting through ports in other countries will raise production costs in way tale to lead to an increase in the prices of Sudanese products, which will lose their competitive value on global markets, indicating that the continuation of the closure will lead to a significant decrease in the country’s export earnings, which have recently risen to 6 billion dollars.

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