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A variant of Thanos has found out how to replace Captain America


What happens if? once a variant has been introduced of Thanos who not only joined the Avengers but more whether or not he replaced Captain America as their leader.

Thanos has always been one of Marvel’s deadliest threats, a capable Mad Titan of carrying down almost any threat thrown his way. It came close to cleaning out All of reality multiple times, held only by people of the caliber of Captain America and the Avengers. But in at least one reality in the multiverse, Thanos found a way to transform those enemies in its greatest allies.

In What if: Infinity – Thanos by Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson, Thanos is really over up joining the Avengers – e more whether or not he replaced Captain America as their leader.

In the heart of the Marvel Universe of Earth-616, Infinity I’ve seen the Avengers take the cosmos for help various galactic empires in their battles against the Builders. A powerful race of ancient aliens who had turned their attention to the beings who would have come to grow up in across the galaxy, the Avengers have become prime members of resistance against they. However, their campaign in space left Earth is relatively unprotected, allowing Thanos and his Black Order to invade the planet and wreak massive destruction on the planet. world. He did all of this in an effort to find and kill the last of his offspring, Thane – who I lived on Earth in secret for almost all of his life.

However, in the reality of Earth-15121, Thane was not hidden on Land. Instead, it was taken by the Builders, like this variant of Thane himself was connected to the ancient race. This prompted Thanos to forge an “alliance” with the unified empires of the galaxy, convincing them that he tried to end the Builders before they could lead to a radical evolution of the form of life in the whole galaxy. As a tale act would cancel out countless innocents while also preventing Thanos’ beloved Death from taking over the universe, Thanos supported theirs missions quite aligned for a partnership. Desperate, Captain America reluctantly accepted the plan. With the help of Thanos and the Black Order, their war against the Builders have proved distant more success of in most of the realities.

Thanos quickly gained trust and confidence of many Avengers, in particular Thor . with the couple bond over their friendly contests on the battlefield to see who I could kill more Builders. But despite this, Captain America refused to refer to Thanos as an Avenger. Pushing the offensive, Thanos led to group consistent of Captain America, Captain Marvel, Thor, Manifold, Gladiator in battle against the command ship of the Builders. Following Thanos into the abyss of the ship on his, Captain America discovered the Mad Titan and found Thane – and prepares to kill his son. The leader of the Avengers refused to stand up down – resulting in a battle that Steve Rogers had no hope of winning. When Thanos returned in battlefield, saved Thor using the burnt and bloody shield of Captain America, claiming that Rogers had died as a “hero” death” killing the last of the builder commanders. Although Thor doubted his words, he and Captain Marvel gave up when Thanos took the oath down his arms and claimed they could kill him if they wanted – but there were in abundance of other worlds left to save. Thanos returned to Earth triumphant, with the Avengers keeping his role in the conflict a secret and apparently having come to trust the Mad Titan.

But even beyond them, the Illuminati of this world – conduct with the raids that resulted in the events of Secret wars – were confronted by Thanos, who asked for a seat at their table for help lead they in their mission to “kill worlds. “It’s dark reality, one with the potential of heroism still alive but in the very bloody hands of Thanos. And all in the end took to cement his place as the new figurehead of the Avengers had to kill the old one.

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